Daniel Jeffery - Photography

You may have come here as a result of obtaining one of my greetings cards from the Wakefield Art Walk.

If so, thank you.

I have not yet set up the facility to buy anything from this site. However, if you are interested in purchasing any of my photographs or cards then please contact me via the contact page on this website (see menu item at the top of this page).

Please also see the 'other' page, for a link to Wakefield Camera Club, if you are interested.

This website will feature my photography

Currently under active construction.

Keep checking back here for progress

25th January 2024:

Subdomain created photography.danieljeffery.co.uk and site moved to this domain

5th December 2023:

Problem with background image fixed.

29th November 2023:

Functionality of 'contact me' page improved.

Two photographs now on 'photographs page.'

28th November 2023:

Improved appearance 'Contact me' page.

25th November 2023:

The 'Contact me' page is now operational.

24th November 2023:

Made some "behind the scenes" changes to the underlying code.

Update 16:10 GMT 20th November 2023:

Menu items are no longer dead links.

The photographs page shows one photograph

Update 20th November 2023:

The only menu item that does anything at the moment is 'home'. All the others are dead links.

There are no photographs here yet.

The "contact" page is actively being worked on'

20th November 2023:

Currently under construction